Samples and Pre-loved

The durability of our clothes results in many of our customers handing down their pieces, which is exactly what we've hoped for. It's a great way of making sustainable clothes more widely accessible and couldn't be a better way to make your carbon footprint much smaller. This gives the wonderful opportunity to return your pre-loved items, in return for a customised discount on a new order or to buy your new item discounted or pre-loved.  This page gets updated as pieces become available so keep having a peek (instagram is a good way to be notified through as well).

If you'd like to exchange 'pre-loved' for a 'new-to-love' then please fill in the form at the bottom of this page, attaching a picture and a small description of the item. 

(After checking in about the wear and tear, we’ll offer you an amount to put towards a new order. This may be used by you or someone you gift it to, and is valid for a year.)


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