Size chart

Our clothes are made using the following standard measurements. Pick the size that fits best with your child's body measurements, that way the clothes should fit well. (the measurements below indicate body sizes, they correspond with my garment sizes; ie a body that measures in the age 1-2 bracket fits size 1-2).

Don't forget though that how we design the clothes is to fit through being a bit too big, right up to being neatly fitted which means you'll get lots of wear out of them. This means that within the sizes there's plenty of room for different body shapes too. 

Age 1-2 

Height: 76-90 cm

Chest: 47-51 cm

Hips: 47.5-52 cm

Inside leg: 31-38 cm


Age 2-3

Height: 90-98 cm

Chest: 51-54cm

Hips: 52-55 cm

Inside leg: 38-41 cm


Age 3-4

Height: 98-110 cm

Chest: 54-58 cm

Hips: 55-61 cm

Inside leg: 41-44.5cm


Age 5-6

Height: 110-122

Chest: 58-63 cm

Hips: 61-67 cm

Inside leg: 44.5-51.5 cm


Age 7-8

Height: 122-134cm

Chest: 63-69 cm

Hips: 67-73.5 cm

Inside leg: 51.5-58 cm


Age 9-10

Height: 134-140 cm

Chest: 69-72 cm 

Hips: 73.5-77

Inside leg: 58-64 cm



Children should be bare foot with their feet flat on the floor and ankles placed together when being measured. It's important to ensure that the tape measure is level with the floor all the way around when measuring a circumference.

As outlined in the returns policy, if with all the best intention your ordered size actually doesn't fit, please contact me to arrange an exchange, we'll fix it.